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Streetsmart Project Managment

The Art of Getting Things Done

What is shared in this book is people-centric. It reveals the what and the why. Then it guides you in constructively engaging people in the real world.

Streetsmart Project Management is about practical project management skills. Strategies for successfully engaging common project management phenomema. These are the collective observations and approaches I have developed over a 25-year career. Projects large and small – whether they’re work-related or something at home – can all benefit.

Project phenomena are the strange things that happen during a project. Challenges and complexity injected intot he effort, typically centered around communications and the people involved. And they happen over and over again. You may find yourself wondering if others are having the same experience. Yes, they are.

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There is value is in having a strategy-engaging project management phenomenon. The real win is understanding and delivering phenomena-derived synergies that cost nothing but deliver so much.

Acknowledging these repeating, people-centric phenomena, and the opportunity they represent is the first step. What follows is developing skills to leverage the human equation and ultimately deliver success.

This is the Streetsmart Project Management path to making The art of getting things done your own.

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