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“A masterful blend of action/adventure, science fiction, mythology, and urban horror.”

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Thomas Davies is a bachelor working in the rare book business from his comfortable London flat. When a consulting opportunity at the British Museum goes horribly wrong - ending in bloodshed and a cover-up - he is suddenly thrust into the services of the terrifying, yet fascinating, Karl Lark. Unsure if he’s been rescued or kidnapped, the only things Davies knows for certain is that the single alternative to declining Lark’s offer is an unpleasant demise, and that death at the hands of Lark may be the least of his worries.
The enigmatic Lark and his mysterious organization are apparently beholden to no one. Operating in the shadows, with seemingly limitless means and technologies that should not exist. Davies soon learns that the world holds more secrets than he ever thought possible. And embarking on a daring, globetrotting mission to rescue a figure of legend, the unspeakable evil that opposes them is far greater – and far more ancient – than anything he ever imagined…

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Months have passed since Thomas Davies’ world was turned upside down with his involuntary conscription into the services of the ruthless and enigmatic Karl Lark. While the full capabilities and resources of Mr. Lark’s shadowy organization continue to both amaze and mystify Davies, one fact remains abundantly clear: trouble ­– in copious amounts – seems to follow Lark like a shadow. This time, they do not have to wait long...

When a secretive corporation in South America engages Mr. Lark to track down children who mysteriously vanished from its Bright Child Genetic Initiative, Davies is once again thrust into a world of international intrigue, extra-legal maneuverings, metaphysical technologies, and supernatural horrors.

At the epicenter of the puzzle sits a 750-year-old structure in the heart of the Czech Republic – a castle bathed in superstition and urban legend – whose peculiar architecture has defied explanation since its completion in the 13th century: Medieval fortresses were typically constructed to keep things out.

This one was clearly designed to keep something in

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