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A Contemporary Fiction Sci-Fi Thriller & Urban Fantasy Horror Experience

Eternity's Rising Background.jpg
Eternity's Rising
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Karl Lark is a peculiar, enigmatic man – 63 years old, never married, with a keen interest in the paranormal – now forced into early retirement. He has nothing but time to tinker around in the basement, inventing gadgets. It’s retirement after all…what’s the worst that could happen?

Famous last words.

A groundbreaking invention sends him on a quest for answers, and Lark uncovers an otherworldly reality that nearly kills him. Not to mention the mysterious entities who’ve taken a sudden keen interest in him, and whose motives are unclear.

But when his last remaining family member suddenly goes missing, Lark realizes there are threats he is unable to deal with alone, and a race against the clock begins to get to the bottom of the disappearance. All while contending with the realization that the eldritch secrets he’s stumbled upon aren’t quite as secret as he might have believed…

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Eternity's Dead

LATE 2025

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